The SpecFlow Chronicles – Volume 1 : Turning Tests Into Living Documentation

Tester Vs Computer

As I mentioned in last week’s post, part of my focus is to help my team increase its capabilities in the area of test automation.  We would like to increase the scope of our automation and, in particular, we would like to increase the level of collaboration between developers and black-box QA in implementing and maintaining the tests.

Some of the challenges that we’re currently facing:

  • Many black box testers lack the automation experience needed to automate the tests that they want to automate
  • Developers don’t know what the testers want to automate
  • The tests that are currently being run are not transparent to the business side
  • Existing test automation is not being maintained or exploited because it’s only well-understood by those that implemented it

Over the past few months, my team has been playing with an open-source tool called SpecFlow as we try to address these challenges.


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